divendres, 22 de desembre de 2017

Social tasks 6th primary graders

Here you can see some examples of the oral presentations carried out by the sixth graders. They had to learn how to manage a Prezi presentation, to write a composition about their favourite place and to explain it to their classmates. All of them enjoyed their presentations and they could improve their oral skills. 

Christmas wreath 4th

This is the Christmas Wreath we have done in the arts and crafts subject. Fourth primary graders have been preparing it during these last days.

If you want to do it at home, the material you need is the following:

- 1 circle made of plate or card.
- Green card
-A ribbon
-Card and paper for the candle
-Glue and scissors.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!!!! 

diumenge, 17 de desembre de 2017

Living Nativity

Yesterday it was the living nativity. All the pupils of the school celebrated the beginning of Christmas representing some scenes about the Cristmas Nativity.
Each course dressed up for Christmas. After that, pupils went in the playground to sing some carols. Families, neighbours and friends came to see their children.

dijous, 14 de desembre de 2017

"Dorothy's Dance Camp"


Our pupils from fourth, fifth and sixth graders have seen the "Dorothy's Dance Camp". It is a play about some characters who arrive at a summer camp and they have to carry out different tasks to help her friend, Dorothy.
Pupils participated in the different activities, they enjoyed dancing and singing. It was a very dynamic show where pupils felt confident to speak in English.